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  1. Little math required: that equals a very clear majority and should be enacted by our elected leadership.
  2. #Ukraine #US #Trump #Flynn #RussianAssets
  3. I'm saving this one!
  4. I want to say this gently. But I really wish people wouldn't bring posting their Wordle scores to Post from Facebook and that bird site.
  5. Quite the difference in Christmas messages.
  6. #ukraine #politics
  7. Brilliant summary. So true that we know what to do and just need to be better at enacting how we do it.
  8. Sneak preview of my Q&A with Dr. Anthony Fauci, going live tomorrow on MedPage Today and Inside Medicine. We discuss the highs, the lows, and...his favorite film... Subscribe free (below) to get it in
  9. Real clean energy

    This should be front page of every newspaper. A giant step that has the potential to change every life on earth. I remember hearing “dream stories” about this in elementary science class. #scienceRock
  10. Trump lost. Again. ( During most of this time, the DOJ was proceeding with its criminal investigation into the docs marked classified.) Notice the signature. P.S. It's okay to gloat.
  11. My current and future political agenda: Ranked choice, immediate run-off voting. This breaks our duopoly system. Move Election Day to Monday and make it a national holiday.

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