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Tryin' to make it real, compared to what?

Freshman year at UMD '75 - second semester, could not type fast enough to continue in journalism - switched major to electrical engineering, and the rest is history.

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  1. Mike Pence - piece of shit

    Just watched a few minutes of Mike Pence on MTP. He is totally an unserious person. It was all about the law enforcement being "weaponized," Hunter Biden, etc. Nothing about his ideas for the country. And he will pardon Trump if convicted.
  2. Happy arraignment day to everyone!
  3. Let's hear it for Nauta, a man who tied himself to the traitor Trump. He wants leniency for his service, boo hoo - I say the opposite! This guy is an adult thinking human being who decided to betray our country!!!!
  4. There is no place in the USA for those who would and do sell our sensitive information to foreign entities, especially our adversaries. Except in prison.
  5. There are no two sides to fascism. Rather, there is only one side. Slap them, punch them, clobber them.
  6. With the recent death of Robert Hanssen, the torch of the most damaging, traitorous American spy in modern history is passed to Donald J Trump.
  7. Mar-a-lago SCIF for pre-purchase viewing
  8. Knowing Trump is likely to die in prison is a glorious end to this nightmare. Halleluuuuuuuuuiah!
  9. Nazis: no reason needed to slap them, punch them, clobber them, and if necessary ...
  10. Ugh, coronation. What a farce. Lots of costumes and nonsense.
  11. Goober traitors be gone! Ha ha, possibly 50 years each!
  12. I include here is a list of Musk's patents. Note that USD designates a "design" patent (look, shape) and not utility. Design patents can be very lucrative, sure, look at Apple's phone design patents vs Samsung. But design patents are not so scientific and technical. Also not th
  13. Musk - smart but not exceptional

    I include here is a list of Musk's patents, patents for which he is listed as an inventor, which I consider an indicator of innovative thinking. Note that USD designates a "design" patent (look, shape) and not utility. Design patents can be very lucrative, for sure - look at App
  14. Earth Day - not a happy one
  15. After this week, I think we all need to get real and put an end to these fascists in our government.
  16. Tennessee has spoken!
  17. Arrest him now! If not, don't let him fly, make him drive or take the train so we can ridicule him!
  18. Selling State Secrets

    I believe special counsel Jack Smith's investigation will reveal Trump sold our country's secrets. Information that belongs to you and me. It is hard to imagine, but the GOP will attempt to normalize it.
  19. Steady with your aim with the petrol bomb. Don't throw it son till the peelers come. I am the Bogside man.

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