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Hybrid Work Expert for C-Suite Executives & Prof

Passionate about making the working world go round. Helping organizations to improve employee engagement, performance and collaboration by designing a work model that fits their strategy and culture. Data-driven and human-centric is not mutually exclusive! Making the performance of your workforce maesurable and improvable with the Hybrid Work Assessment - the first management tool for the post-Corona world of work.

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  1. Germans on The Post Network?! If yes, let me know and leave a comment 😁🇩🇪.
  2. Former HR interestees?

    Hey I would love to improve my feed by adding HR topics! Who is an HR ecpert on here? Who must I follow??? Please comment bellow so I can follow you! (and feel free to follow your hybrid work gal as w
  3. Who are you?!

    So - who is in here? I would love to get to know my fellow "posters"! Tell me about yourselves - Please?! To get us started you can choose from two questions: 1) What about todays world would you want to

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