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Jörg Wittkewitz


Psychologe, Lehrbeauftragter (psychologist) #de #psychologie #psychology

Hannover, Germany

Psychologe, Dozent und früher mal Journalist (c`t, iX, FAZ etc.) german psychologist, on the internets since 1994

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  1. Our comprehensive view of #LongCovid was just published
  2. In the 1930s Wagner Margarine produced a book series and a section called Future Fantasy included this pic. No artist is credited. 92 years ago and this is pretty damn close. Possible title: Elon & Gr
  3. Alzheimer's disease can be identified before symptoms emerge, study finds #alzheimer #healthprevention #health
  4. The Sinema switch seems as good a topic as any for my inaugural Post…post. The closest historic parallel I can think of is Harry Byrd, Jr. A very conservative Democrat who knew he’d lose the nominatio
  5. FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Euro zone banks are set to repay early another 447.49 billion euros in multi-year loans from the European Central Bank next week, the ECB said on Friday, which will mark another
  6. Maybe you've missed there's a new, global Covid wave getting legs.
  7. We told the Europeans for a decade to get themselves off Russian oil and gas. They didn't listen and push forward with a new pipeline. We told the Europeans for two decades that they were not investing
  8. Ever read something on implicit bias? Your should rethink it...
  9. Our digital times :-)
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    I am Jörg Wittkewitz, located near Hannover (germany). Working as a lecturer at International School of Management (ISM) and Hamburger FernHochschule (HFH) in Psychology. I am also doing consulting an
  11. Hans Magnus Enzensberger ist mit 93 Jahren gestorben. (RIP)
  12. AI can do things, not a lot, but some stuff is pretty amazing. But throwing 48M documents into the training set was not that successful - or it was the wrong team. We will see...
  13. any scientist in here...?

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