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#Marketing leader focused on #Health & #Wellness


I'm a partner at Gene, a creative agency for health brands.

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  1. Q’s list this year was my favourite gifts as a kid. MJ’s Beat It jacket. Record player and the Thriller album. NES.
  2. I’m hoping anyone still on Twitter is treating it as an entirely public platform including their DMs. Any expectation of privacy would not be wise.
  3. Getting back to common ground

    There’s certain issues that we, as a society, should never bend on and always maintain zero tolerance for. But there’s an entire space in the middle that people have forgotten to find common ground on
  4. Post is progressing very quickly. Cleaned up the Explore timeline, trending Topics to browse, and legit News orgs coming onboard. Great momentum.
  5. Repost with Comment vs Commenting on a Post

    I know it’s early days but one major challenge with a wide open Explore timeline is that many are choosing to Repost with a comment rather than using the comment feature in a post. It clutters the tim
  6. Creative entrepreneurship

    My favourite podcast on all things related to building a creative business. Blair and David have managed to make years of interesting and relevant episodes. Dig in!
  7. Bob isn’t digging his new elf hat.
  8. A lethal blow to virtual care

    In case you missed it, all of the amazing progress that had been made the past 3 years for virtual care in Ontario has been gutted this past week. I'm not sure how any provider can make a business mod
  9. I think about what it must be like to be a Jewish child that’s coming of age right now; what they are seeing in their feeds and hearing from their peers. I think of the parents of those children and t
  10. For those searching for connections by geography and interests: I’m in #Toronto #Canada and focused mostly on #advertising #marketing #health #consumerhealth #digitalhealth #socialimpact and anything
  11. Excited to be part of Post, feels like the early days of Twitter again, but with years of learning to build off of. I'll be looking for those building a healthy future, we're doing our best to build i

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