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  1. Plants about to wake up from their slumber…favourite time of the year!
  2. A Rabbit in the White House

    Still on a high after my visit to the #WhiteHouse last week for their first ever celebration of #LunarNewYear, and on my #yearoftherabbit no less! Savoring this moment where the POTUS is one who welcomes the Asian community into the White House, especially at a time when there ar
  3. Exceptionally beautiful moment on the red carpet: Michelle Yeoh in Carolina Herrera at the Critics Choice awards this evening.
  4. Street Style the Teen Vogue Way

    Absolutely love this story on Teen Vogue today with editor Aiyana Ishmael trying out Bella Hadid's street style looks with her best Curve-Alternatives. It's fashion forward and body-inclusive. What's
  5. “STOP Climate Change. This is a war for the very existence of the human race. And that of the planet. The most important weapon we have is public opinion. Become a freedom fighter.” - Rest In Peace Da
  6. Perfect morning for a forest stroll #postplaces #postdogs
  7. HOKUSAI two ways

    HOKUSAI two ways New Yorker cover “The Future is Here” by Birgit Schössow Gabrielle Zevin’s “Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow” by John Gall
  8. Petition to rebrand Moscow Mule to Kyiv Mule (it’s not even from Moscow anyway!)
  9. Perfect #Chrismukah evening
  10. Nothing like a beautifully wrapped #book from Galignani #Paris for Christmas
  11. Although I was rooting for Les Bleus, this is an immensely touching piece by Ángel Di María, a champion crowned today
  12. The light hits different in #marseille
  13. The one and only Adele spent the third weekend of her Vegas residency in showstopping Carolina Herrera 🖤
  14. Complicated feeling when a city you know and love for the ‘grit’ that snobs had scoffed at suddenly gets a media glow-up:
  15. Parent Trap II when? Lindsay Lohan for Interview Magazine // MIAMI #fashion #interviewmagazine #lindsaylohan
  16. A collaboration remixed

    It’s a little odd to me that there is no mention of Marc Jacobs in this iteration of the collaboration. Sure he wasn’t involved this time, but he was the one who went to Yayoi 10 years ago to initiate
  17. Patiently waiting for my friends to join Post
  18. Tiffany, work in progress. #miami #artbasel #Designdistrict
  19. Funny that this was covered by Dwell and not Architectual Digest, whom Daphne had name dropped on the show 🤣 #whitelotus #travel

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