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Wife, mom, Democrat.

Retired married mom of 2 great grown ass kids!

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  1. #ESPN, showing NFL on THREE channels instead of round one of #AustralianOpen is BS! I think we can do without Payton and Eli.
  2. Until he is unseated, I will refer to George santos as congressman McLovin. Totally made up identity that doesn’t even make sense.
  3. Day three of C-Span mini-series! Exciting and boring at the same time!
  4. Just watched GLASS ONIONS, enjoyed it.
  5. Several hours old news but the head of the Russian shipbuilding company that produced Kalibr cruise missile carriers unexpectedly died today
  6. Be careful. This virus is highly contagious here.
  7. First post! Hello All! Had to get free from the bird app.

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