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  1. Free Covid test compliments of your tax dollars return! Just in time, according to my doctor friends ( and my own GP). Free story, just for you!
  2. 86 and sunny, with 66 % humidity, thunder, and a flood watch. And a woodpecker on the phone pole. Welcome to the DC-metro in July! What do you have?
  3. How fabulous is this news from Midge Ure?? Don't love sharing Twitter links, but this is too good to pass up!
  4. What's your fave? Gifted, in honor of National Doughnut Day....
  5. Beach patrol is on the job…
  6. Another winner from Monica Hesse....
  7. No confusing the larger of my local airport options with any other in the US….
  8. Gifting you this NYT opinion piece by Ketch Secor, a familiar name to many of my friends. If only more of his fellow Opry members were speaking out...
  9. We’ve hit PEAK 🌸 in my neighborhood in the DC suburbs! This tree is about 65 and looks a bit stronger than last year … the color has faded a bit.
  10. Cherry blossom status on my street: Not yet..
  11. Not what I expected to see in my feed from Fortune, but thanks....
  12. I try to keep from sharing these links, but I couldn’t resist… Take a minute to follow the thread…
  13. Back after a short travel break….
  14. Forget the calendar… my yard says it’s SPRING!!
  15. I feel so much better now....
  16. Pleased to see Gary Oelze of the Birchmere getting a full obit in the Washington Post...but a bit surprised it took nine paragraphs to work in a mention of the legendary Seldom Scene...(article gifted
  17. In case you were wondering..... we were taught: If your mother says she loves you, check it out (and get at least two sources!). (story unlocked)
  18. Fodder for dinner discussion - or on your next drive.... (gifted so you can read it. Comments are also worth a glance - or join in)
  19. 100 years of El Cholo! Always on the list when I visit family in LA...
  20. In the DC area and like lights? Check out the free display at the Mormon Temple in Kensington....the Ride On bus should get you there, but driving is easiest (of course....). Did I mention it's free?

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