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  1. Select one: He's a man child, a quasi fascist and a burgeoning antisemite. +Elon Musk +Rudy Giuliani +Donald Trump
  2. Now if only the UK could have as good a deal as NI has..
  3. Israel is at a crossroad. If Netanyahu's hard right coalition is allowed to abolish the judicial independence of the supreme court, they will be risking political, military and economic stability in the region for generations to come. Western nations must pull out all diplomati
  4. Props to Sec'y Blinken for bringing the weight of US diplomacy to this fraught situation. #Israel
  5. As ever, Sec'y Chao's blind loyalty to Trump has been rewarded with obscene racism from the former president and leaders of the republican party. The Asian American community does not deserve this.
  6. When the GOP eventually tires of losing elections this anti democratic fervor will mercifully cease.
  7. Ukraine to Receive Massive Aid Package

    US announces massive new $2.5B package of military aid for #Ukraine . Includes: -59 Bradley Fighting Vehicles -90 Stryker armored combat vehicles -53 MRAPs -8 Avenger air defense systems -350 HMMWVs -HARM
  8. Netanyahu is angry that Ukraine didn't support Israel at the UN after denying Ukraine Israeli air defense systems. Now that's chutzpah.
  9. Slava Ukraini

    It's only dark and cold where hope is lost. We wish Ukrainians a new year filled with light and warmth. We stand with Ukraine until total victory!
  10. This man is an antisemite.
  11. This stable genius will go down as one of the greatest minds of the 15th century.
  12. ...and thank you Judge Luttig.
  13. Rare visit to the bird site because I cannot yet find #Ukraine journalist Illia Ponomarenko—or his paper, the Kyiv Independent—here on Post.
  14. Calling all political teams (staff and leadership) and political journalists... While .Post has done a great job of building a subscriber base, we need many more political professionals to join before
  15. Election Derangement Syndrome

    Kari Lake's suit to overturn the Arizona election is based on her "belief" that she won. Like Prevagen or Salonpas all you need to do is believe.
  16. Counting the days till Sinema fades into irrelevance a la Joe Lieberman. She will be derailed by her misplaced sense of importance.
  17. Coincidentally God seems to want the same thing Kari Lake wants.
  18. "I guess the answer is its better to be a vampire"

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