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  1. By Sydney Lake Technology has afforded us the ability to connect with nearly anyone, anytime—and free of charge. But there’s just something nostalgic and tactile about receiving a letter or postcard via snail mail, whether it be a wedding invitation or postcard from a loved one fa
  2. By Matthew Farrer, University of Florida Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative movement disorder that progresses relentlessly . It gradually impairs a person’s ability to function until they ultimately become immobile and often develop dementia. In the U.S. alone, over a milli
  3. The orangutan, named Zoe, delivered her second baby, a boy, on Dec. 12, 2022. After the ape struggled to nurse her firstborn, Metro Richmond Zoo staff had an idea. By Emilee Coblentz, USA TODAY An old video of a Virgina zookeeper and a special orangutan has resurfaced and is going
  4. well how about that, Darwin wasn't the first to describe evolution
  5. Wow quite an interesting (though Long) conversation between John Cleese & Bill Maher
  6. Donald Trump Is a National-Security Risk

    “Trump checks almost every box on those lists” of why he shouldn’t be trusted to see any national security secrets. ⁦ Tom Nichols nails it once again…Trump is a proven security risk and should not receive intel briefings.
  7. wokeism as authoritarianism ...a good subject on The Dinosaur Hour with John Cleese, a new (2 me) interview show I kinda like just has to skip over the GBN commercials
  8. The time has finally come!
  9. This world was made for all men
  10. ...dang this was a pretty spirited chat with 4 actual conservative never-trump Republicans ...good stuff w/ Michael Steele, Tom Nichols, Elie Mystal & Glenn Kirschner
  11. A long but really fascinating and important story about the discovery of a new human organ, The Interstitium, & its connection between acupuncture and how cancer spreads.
  12. Important to recall history, we've been at the threshold of a violent Authoritarian take over of the US govt before, & prevented it by exposing secret cults that included members of Congress. I had no idea about the efforts of anti-semites from Father Coughlin to Charles Lindberg
  13. This is so right on! Enough with merely 'fact-checking' it's time journalists & reporters confront liars about their lies in real time's time for Fact-Crusading!
  14. Durned interesting and detailed history of the development of the semiconductor industry and the machines that make the chips. Episode 3 is a little hard to find so here tis;
  15. Way to go Mr. Oliver
  16. well, this was a delightful bunch of stories of early free form radio at KSAN
  17. Rats, it's worse than I thought ...follow the money & the connections, it's corrupt arrogant assholes that wanna run everyone's lives behind all the crap these daze.
  18. ...has anyone noticed that more websites with all their ads, are beginning to look like Frito's television set in Idiocracy
  19. ...perhaps it's time for a general strike
  20. no shit sherlock

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