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Retired from Systems Analysis & Mgmt and now writing, creating art and occasionally submitting. 🏳️‍🌈 Married she/her

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  1. All these red states are now boasting about how they are withdrawing from the American Library Association. They aren’t just satisfied with banning books, they want to get rid of the places that keep and lend them, too. The Christian Right is on the march. Carl Sagan once warned u
  2. GOP candidate Asa Hutchinson brought up a legal argument to disqualify Donald Trump from the ballot on CNN, showing the buzzy theory’s legs as it jumps the gap from legal professor esoterica to “Meet the Press.”
  3. This about sums it up.
  4. My latest.👇 To be a thriving democracy, we need a Supreme Court that understands the responsibility of its ideological majority, not just its power.
  5. My new short story is out today on Substack. Hope you like it.
  6. American Evangelicals hear me out…
  7. So a fake company by a fake plaintiff, represented by the wife of a fake senator who doesn’t live in the state he claims to represent, got fake justices to issue a fake opinion that will cause REAL discriminatory harm to millions of Americans? Got it.
  8. By the time Joe Biden was sworn in as our 46th President, Trump & co had lost 64 cases challenging the 2020 election, lost them to @marcelias and his terrific team (@MarcElias, please correct me if I am wrong on the details). Please sign up @democracydocket
  9. My earliest memory of patriotism is from kindergarten. My family was living in a cramped apartment building, and every morning, as I waited for the bus to fetch me, the property manager would bring out an American flag to the pole resting in a grassy island in the middle of the pa
  10. This!
  11. #EditorialCartoon by Mike Luckovich on The Atlanta Journal-Constitution . Link to original cartoon, as found online:
  12. Several people I know (they're NOT my "friends") just couldn't bring themselves to vote for Hillary in 2016. They bought into the Russian-promoted lies and decades-long Republican smears against her. They voted 3rd party or "voted their conscience." And here we are. Next week in ou
  13. Another J6 rioter was arrested today. He was near former President Obama's home. The man had a weapon in his vehicle.
  14. My new story

    My newly released story on! On I post my stories and my mostly original illustrations from time to time. Reading is free as is the subscription should you wish to be directly notified when I release more of these. They are posted somewhat sporadically bec
  15. #EditorialCartoon by Mike Luckovich on The Atlanta Journal-Constitution . Link to original cartoon, as found online:
  16. ❤👏❤

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