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  1. Guns in ABQ

    Governor Lujan has suspended concealed and open carry in Albuquerque, and the ignorant on X (including Musk) are losing their minds claiming it’s a violation of 1st and 2nd amendments. I wanted to ask them their reasoning but realized it wouldn’t be worth it. Seems like any provi
  2. I would love for this to not be a fantasy.
  3. I just woke up from a nightmare! I was on Twitter and was accidentally on the “For You” feed instead of the “Following” feed.
  4. Today I’m struggling to understand why people think the height of Snow White’s companions is of significance to the story, and I’m wondering if this is the same group of people who think they “know” mermaids can only have light skin. I’m also wondering how they have bandwidth ava
  5. Hey, Sen Schumer, how about you cancel summer recess unless these blocks are lifted?
  6. We’ll be seeing plenty of advance indicators like this leading up to next year’s elections. Voters are getting really tired of Republican bullshit. They will turn out in massive numbers to make that clear. Tick tock, assholes. Your time’s up.
  7. I hadn’t realized it was this extensive
  8. Assuming the planet is still comfortably livable in 100 years, I’d really like to see what historians are saying about this time period. Was it more consequential and disruptive than the Industrial Revolution? Did people figure out a way to reunite and coexist? Does the US still
  9. On Spoutible someone posted a screenshot of a Musk tweet from January announcing Twitter reading limits: 6000 for blue checks, 600 unverified,300 new unverified. Perhaps that is what is going on.
  10. I do still read Twitter, but today I got “Rate limit exceeded.” What does that even mean?
  11. I think this may actually be the weekend that even my carefully curated #twitter feed became unreadable.
  12. TN: We should have the “clown show state” title wrapped up for this week TX: Hold my beer (Yes, I know he’s a MAGA federal judge, but would this have happened in a blue state or even Austin or Houston?)
  13. I’m having trouble deciding how to focus my outage today. #ImpeachThomas #ImpeachClarenceThomas #TN3
  14. Who knew that Clarence Thomas had shady morals? #AnitaHill
  15. Two things: 1) Is there anything more unAmerican than the TN legislature right now? 2) Why am I confident that there will be something equally outrageous happening tomorrow?
  16. Today’s annoying MAGA irony comes from county officials reclaiming & slaughtering the goat a 9 year old raised, entered in the fair, & couldn’t bear to see slaughtered to “teach her a lesson.” Must be ok to go against parental wishes for lessons if you aren’t a real teacher & if
  17. Here’s a thought: if you don’t want to see an ex-President indicted for business fraud, don’t put someone who business frauds in the office.
  18. So much in this one sentence

    “The sun, never tiring of the human comedy, was coming up on the eastern side of the island.” Love this line from Adrian McKinty’s The Island and have never found a better line to describe the human condition.

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