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  1. Administrators at the Garrison School in Illinois call the police to report student misbehavior every other school day, on average. And because staff members regularly press charges against the childr
  2. This is a pretty embarrassing move by the corporation that owns the venue. I mean she’s not even one of the lawyers on the case, and the case isn’t even about that venue. It seems unlikely to accompl
  4. @atrupar kindly put me in his newsletter. I’m back on Twitter, but it was a bit of a trip.
  5. I would take more pleasure in watching Kevin McCarthy squirm and grovel, but the consequences of his concessions to the far-right are very troubling and could put us on a road no one wants to go down
  6. Warmest wishes for happy holidays to all, and may your beloved holiday rituals not be immediate preludes to violence
  7. No weather malarkey!
  8. At the 1:43 mark of this video, you can see Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert refusing to join with other members of Congress in giving President Zelenskyy a standing ovation during his address to Congres
  9. Choate’s History of Having Its Own Patients Charged With Felonies — ProPublica
  10. Solstice is past, so spring is on the way... eventually. While we wait, here's a yellow warbler to brighten things up. #photography #postphotos #birds
  11. Free Speech Absolutist 🧐 #Tesla #Twitter #ElonMusk
  12. Excerpted from a new story by Abrahm Lustgarten Here’s the terrible truth: There is no such thing as a return to normal on the Colorado River , or to anything that resembles the volumes of water its use
  13. Patients Went to This Isolated Facility for Treatment. Instead, Nearly Two Dozen Were Charged With Crimes. The charges against patients contrast sharply with the way the facility and police agencies ha
  14. Today, like 80 years ago. The message from The White House is the same: We Stand With You. #ukraine #democracy #photography #news #politics #art #education #postphotos
  15. If you’re trying to evaluate a charity this year, you might have a hard time. The IRS is behind on releasing Form 990s, limiting access to key financial information the public uses to evaluate the nat
  16. It's Ted Cruz migration season already? #TexasFreeze
  17. wow. For years, residents at the Illinois facility received scant treatment for their developmental disabilities and mental illnesses, then faced felonies for lashing out at staff via @propublica #mental
  18. ‘Get Rid of the Video!’: Putin Crony Freaks Out in Live TV Flop Over Zelensky Clip An on-air mishap over a video depicting Volodymyr Zelensky in Washington did not go over well with Moscow’s top mouthp
  19. Now that the bird site shows what purports to be a view count for all #tweets , it's a good time to resolve not to feed the trolls. Even dunking with a QT gives them engagement they're trolling for. Es

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