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Jim Stoicheff


Reader, writer, watcher, photographer, listener, techie, lawyer

Santa Barbara, California, USA

Started in Sandpoint, Idaho, ended up in Santa Barbara, California. Gay, married, with dog and cats. Work in software.

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  1. The late-stage-capitalism version of book burning is defunding or privatizing libraries.
  2. Are increasingly spectacular flameouts a sign of the end times?
  3. Worth your time, this gifted article does not require subscription and is not an attack on Twitter.
  4. Sundown yesterday, Santa Barbara
  5. We need more U.S. representatives

    If each member of the U.S. House of Representatives represented the same number of people as each member of the U.K. House of Commons, we would have 3,204 representatives. If that sounds crazy, consid
  6. There was a time when Florida had a sort of glamorous image, right? Miami, Palm Beach, Key West. What happened?
  7. Still grateful
  8. Third and final current member of our menagerie, Taz.
  9. Posted a couple photos of the dog. This is one of the cats, Lucy.
  10. My constant companion, Toshi.
  11. Doctorow’s analysis is astute. Is the cycle unbreakable? As long as the goal of a social-networking company is profit, is eventual implosion inevitable? Thanks for posting this, Richard Robbins.
  12. Maybe the uncontrollable jumping of my feed is a feature. It makes me spend less time doom-scrolling.
  13. If it’s not easy to fix the issue with new posts causing the feed to move uncontrollably, might we get an option to update the feed only manually? New posts wouldn’t appear until we swiped down from t
  14. I have either RSV or a very rough cold. Glad to have this one help me through it.

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