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Jim Infantino


Songwriter, author, nerd.


I’m the jim from the band jim’s big ego. I have two speculative fiction novels finished in the Wakeful Wanderer’s Guide series. I practice meditation and teach a little. I run a web company with our own cms called Slab. I record a podcast called ‘funny,’ not funny with my friend Lionel. I’m a very proud dad.

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  1. What, in your opinion, is the opposite of “woke?”
  2. Solo In Isolation: episode 54

    Solo In Isolation episode 54 this Saturday at 5pm Eastern. 1/2 family has the plague again. I’m fine so far, testing negative, and sleeping in my daughter’s bed (she’s in mine.) Come join.
  3. Has social media gone off the rails? Is it creating an evil in society, or reflecting what’s always been there?
  4. New episode of ‘funny,’ not funny: Caller on line one:
  5. New ‘funny,’ not funny episode on remote meditation with Jim Rosen, Catherine Pilfrey, and Matthew Bellows.
  6. The Embrace

    The Embrace on Boston Common is truly mind stopping. Powerful and gorgeous. We walked there yesterday in the wind and snow. Loving our city. #MLKday More info
  7. Podcast episode on physics

    This week on ‘funny,’ not funny: Physics Professor Donald Smith returns to talk gravity, the nature of physics, matter, time, and quantum events.
  8. Should I be announcing events here like concerts and podcasts and stuff, or is that very un-Post?
  9. Someone who thinks it’s strange to use “they” as a singular pronoun forgets that they do it all the time.
  10. Congress

    We think it’s funny, but it’s a battle to be 3rd in line for the presidency. This may not end for a while. Meanwhile, no member gets sworn in.
  11. Ever be wary of 6 January the Trump insurrection and plot. I see no reason this Capitol treason should ever be forgot. #January6
  12. Are we all done with the American football yet?
  13. Ah-men.
  14. Which are the companies at the top of my &#%^ list? These dirty dozen Putin profiting poltroons.
  15. Post-capital is possible but we need to imagine bigger.
  16. The mess we are in ain’t new.
  17. Absolutely. Wake up & smell the woke, America. The sooner the better.
  18. I love this. Yes, we do see things more clearly with progress.
  19. Wake up to the day. Stay awake all day.
  20. It has a day? Hooray!

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