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Former Marine Former Goldwater Republican

Current Registered Independent- Try never to miss a vote no matter how minor it may seem consider it a duty as a citizen

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  1. I recently attempted to make a funny on x (lower case) @ the fact that some Democrats, Independents, & republicans must be in agreement (rarely happens) @ the supreme court. Its approval rating according to Gallup is 40%. That means 60% don't approve or don't have an opinion. Sug
  2. Now is not the time to Step Back on Ukraine

    If we want Ukraine to win this war we need to quit being so cheap. We should have buried them under a floor of the most modern arms available. We need to give them everything they want and more. If we force them to let putin keep Crimea he will recharge and keep coming. And when
  3. musk is at it again. A person who lives in Oklahoma according to her twitter page is as far as my twitter page is concerned is unreachable Anna Shores.
  4. How do I log out?
  5. Simple Math

    Determine how much fox (lower case for all lower class individuals and entities). Determine how much fox would have made if they had told the truth last year. Subtract that from how much they actually made. The stock price be damned tucker. Once the subtraction is done award Domi
  6. Boys will be boys

    Once again our military thinking with what is in their pants not what is in their brain. If any of the things shot down in the sky over us was here to gather intelligence smooth move boys. Yes I know the person(s) who shot down each of the objects could either have been male or f

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