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My motto: If you are more fortunate than others, build a longer table not a higher fence.

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  1. My biggest financial mistake is not having rich parents.
  2. My new favorite saying when I don't know the answer to a question: "hang on, I'm not dumb--I'm just panicking".
  3. My son asked our dog if he had run the vacuum like he asked & our dog actually looked at him, let out a long sigh as left the room.
  4. George Santos claimed his mother died in 9/11--she died 12/23/2016. That's pretty sick on several levels.
  5. I remember when being a "good loser" --respectfully shaking the winner's hand & gracefully accepting defeat --was seen as dignified. Now screaming, stomping your feet & spreading conspiracy theories is
  6. My son (22yrs old) is having his first dinner party tonite!! He cleaned the house, cooked a turkey dinner and set a beautiful holiday table. I've been hearing laughter for hours! I just went downsta
  7. I hate snow.
  8. Narcissistic sociopaths view your anger as entertainment .
  9. I believe no one should tell someone else what sexuality they should be. I believe who someone loves is none of my damn business. I believe in women having the right to choose. I believe everyone should
  10. My new favorite quote: I don't care how much you don't like me. The last time I checked, the road to heaven wasn't through your yard.
  11. OMB: The Office of Management and Budget oversees the implementation of the President's vision across the Executive Branch. The head of the OMB was in on the coup!
  12. If we've learned anything it's that billionaires have waaaaay to much power. What, where & how we communicate, who are political candidates are & how those politicians vote on matters that affect u
  13. #bluecrew Let's follow eachother!
  14. NBC/MSNBC has suspended reporter Ben Collins -- for criticizing Musk.
  15. I've been shadowbanned since Musk took over. No idea why. Now it seems there is mass shadow banning going on of liberal leaning accounts. Add this to the suspension of reporters & a huge influx of ri
  16. Trolls are now attacking Dan Rather on Twitter-- for not being a "real journalist". Most are muskbots.

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