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Animal lover, artist, book reader, flower child always hippie at heart. #TheResistance #FBR

Wife, Mother, Grandmother. Dog walker for over 30 years.

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  1. Shootings, pandemic, classified docs, utter chaos, so 2023.
  2. KKKevin sold his soul for the gavel. He's a loser and a liar and he does it well.
  3. Skanky Elise Stefanik claims that the Clown House will shine a light. The only light they will be shining is their pilot light on their gas stoves.
  4. The next 2 years of the Clown House will they make it the Repugs? This must take a LOT of energy to be this crazy mad everyday.
  5. This Born Alive Abortion crap is so insane. It really blows my old lady's mind.
  6. I'm not taking sides, but, it's amazing how fast Merrick Garland sicked a special counsel in the Biden issue. Wondering what side he's really on.
  7. The people who tried to overthrow the government are now in charge of the House, unlawful lawmakers are on the run. The coup was successful in too many ways
  8. Only a loser would think he won after 15 rounds of votes. Can't wait to see who fires him first.
  9. So it seems all asshat Kevin's concessions are to agree to cut programs for the people. Of course, they hate the people they represent.
  10. Karma is taking a big bite of KKKevin. It's a lovely thing to see. 14
  11. Will continue to wear my mask in 2023 my only resolution.
  12. Santos will be embraced by the Repugs, Kevin needs him and honesty is not an issue w/them.
  13. The only thing that will come out of the House of Clowns in 2023 is mild entertainment as they chase down the laptop, try to charge Fauci and impeach all the dems they can. After all there is probabl
  14. I'm not counting on Trump being charged or doing time.
  15. Sarcastic the new walk back word. I call it disrespectful a nice little of synonym of sarcastic.
  16. Just noticed you can now see who likes your Post!!! Woo hoo coming along nicely.
  17. The person who claims she could of pulled off the Jan6th overthrowing of the government, will soon be THE person running the House. 2022 thought it was a bad ass....2023 is breathless waiting to happ
  18. Seeing the same thing as on Twitter a big account follows you, you follow back and bingo they unfollow as if you don't notice.
  19. So Sinema shows her true colors. I don't mean her fashion sense.

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