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Filmmaker, film editor, producer, partner at Union Editorial, Academy, ACE (and AARP!) member. Imdb  Interested in and anything fermented...

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  1. @post @feedback PLEASE. Can you make the Trending Accounts you try to feed me update? I get the same ones over and over and there's no way to say no thanks and get rid of them... Just the same things over and over... Annoying.
  2. Grand reopening of the Egyptian Theater in H'wood.
  3. Can I clear the suggested accounts list?

    Hey @nlj-post - is there someway to clear the list of suggested accounts to follow? It just keeps showing me the same list that I didn't choose previously, and there's no way to clear it and see something new. Just not interested in following USA today
  4. The Onion has run this headline for 9 years and the only thing that has changed is the number of victims. #Politics #GunControl #NRA #BloodMoney #GOP #Republicans #TheOnion
  5. OMG what a friggin' baby. How people adore this tool will forever be a mystery. (PS Now I need to see this photo...)
  6. Hey Frankfurt. I need to process my feelings about this. #PostPics
  7. A non-fanboy Tesla review

    I'm not contesting the article below, or fanboying "Elon" (There are many of us Tesla owners that wish Musk would take a long walk off a short pier... I REALLY miss the "Talking Tesla" guys who spoke for us...) and admittedly ours is a sample of one, but even my wife loves our Te
  8. OMG RFK Jr's Campaign manager is Dennis Kucinich??? That's sad...
  9. That's a big yucca...

    Was riding out in the Santa Monica Mountains the other day and came across this MEGA-yucca (At least I think it's a type of yucca...). My bike is there for scale - and it's a big bike... cause damn that thing was huge - the bloom makes it even more epic... #MTB #emtb #mtblife #S
  10. Al Giordano...

    I'm just realizing that, with Al gone (If you somehow stumbled on this post you can read about him below), I won't have his fantastic newsletter to put my hopes and concerns in perspective through this coming election season. I was so used to leaning on him - since 2008 - for the
  11. It's News To Me

    I've been reading/listening/thinking a lot about the conflict that needs to be resolved between addressing climate change that requires substantial construction of new electric transmission and generation, and NIMBYesque or aesthetic resistance to that needed construction by the
  12. This "friend" of mine (my name isn't Steve...) has a very dialed in texting game: #spam #friends #coffee
  13. It's News To Me

    Today’s article of the day really peels back layers of the issue of poverty, housing, and social stability in informative and powerful ways. There is so much we could do if we just had the commitment and sense of morality at a national level. We’re so broken, and so much seems ho
  14. It's News To Me

    OK I didn't know this, at least as a specific 'thing'. The WaPo link is paywalled, but the tl;dr of what I didn't know is the term #algospeak , referring to altered terms people use online to avoid the content filter algorithms on social sites. Like for ex, sex workers referring t
  15. It almost seems like providing the public with valuable information to make sense of the world is not the #CNN business model. #WTFCNN
  16. Lots of lols in this piece!
  17. Hey #CNN , WTF? #WTFCNN
  18. Very well put.

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