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Josh Steinfeld


Product Strategist, Dog Wrangler, Fan of All Things Food/Basketball

San Francisco, CA

Sports, politics, news. In tech but not really. Enjoying the glorious chaos that is San Francisco.

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  1. Watching someone light $44 billion on fire in the most public way possible is endlessly fascinating.
  2. We went to this today and it blew me away. If you're in the Bay Area...GO
  3. It’s fascinating, and a little strange, to read detailed criticisms of Post already. @noam and team have been pretty clear that this site is still in very early beta. M
  4. #FeatureRequest No Wordle results on Post.
  5. Grateful that Post is at least 30% dog photos right now.
  6. Post, meet Rosie, our amazing 4 year old rescue pup
  7. Happy to be here on Post and excited to see what Noam has cooked up.

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