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Momma to boys and cats. Social worker in child welfare. Cubs fan. Liberal.

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  1. Nothing makes me feel more judged as a parent than taking my kids to the dentist. They are 12 and 15 and brush their own teeth, but somehow I still feel the pressure every appointment. 😂
  2. This guy had his annual vet visit this morning and tried out his new cat carrier (10/10 would recommend this one if you have a cat that escapes all fabric carriers like he does. ahem ). He did great an
  3. That gavel keeps looking like it wants to fly into Hakeem Jeffries hand like Thor’s hammer
  4. Guess who won the first-round vote for Speaker? FOUR times? Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Pelosi Just sayin’ 😏
  5. Christmas is exhausting for kitties too. 😴
  6. So do I.
  7. Who Killed Santa? A Murderville Murder Mystery

    If you need a good laugh, check out the Murderville holiday special on Netflix. My husband and I had it on while wrapping gifts and were crying with laughter. Jason Bateman and Maya Rudolph were the “
  8. Same
  9. Instead of addressing inflation (which they VOWED to do ahead of midterms), Republicans in the last week have: —Announced $99 digital trading cards —Proposed a bill to jail Americans for posting any “se
  10. Some of our Christmas cookies, courtesy of our teen boys. Everyone has karate gingerbread men and dinosaurs for the holidays, right? Holidays with teens can still be fun! The “magic” is just a bit dif
  11. This was helpful, thank you!
  12. Standing by...
  13. Don't mind me, just waving in every single Post refugee.
  14. I feel like my first post here should be this guy. Meet Miles! Looking forward to experiencing this place!

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