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  1. Shall we start talking about weight of EVs and bad road surfaces - like the in the kingdom of pot holes: LA
  2. What do you call a man who has no self-awareness and no humility? (I am NOT referring to the JFK assassination)
  3. Los Angeles, one of the richest, most diverse and creative cities in the world… an example of what happens when we consider wealth and profit to be more important then community and decency.
  4. What if the argument from which inequality stems is not based on fact?
  5. From the Department of What Could Go Wrong I am soo glad SCOTUS is reigning the EPA's power in...
  6. Another titan has left our realm

    An icon, a legend, a woman who rose from a cycle of poverty & abuse to excel into excellence in life and in her art.. on her own terms. Respect, Love and Godspeed, Tina PS on a side note: I can’t help but notice the ironic date; to leave when on the same day a handful of rich, whit
  7. That's certainly one way to aspire loyalty
  8. what??

    “This month, Gov. Greg Gianforte (R) signed a law barring the state from calculating the climate impacts of major projects. At the same time, a state judge has ruled that a first-of-its-kind lawsuit testing whether Montana’s constitution requires the state to combat climate chang
  9. How should we solve a problem like this?
  10. Our world is a wonder
  11. complex and thought provoking

    And not in a punch down kinda way. I highly recommend a listen - this is NOT a veiled, intellectual exercise on how woke-ism is ruining our lives, bc “snowflakes” need to suck it up. Susan Neiman is making the argument FOR caring and fighting FOR social justice.
  12. Can we just cut to the chase and agree that only adversaries of the country are pulling for Trump and his GOP?
  13. Isn’t that nice #NepoBaby
  14. Hilariously meta

    “He was an admirer of lasagna and canned cranberry sauce. … His son Kendall once joked that attempts to gift him Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s biography were futile: He already owned seven copies.”
  15. Unfit for duty

    Trump's and DeSantis's cruel and vulgar character disqualifies both men to be the leader of any group. Shame on the GOP for trying to force either on the nation.
  16. Flim Flam Artists, who podcast
  17. The heavier an object, the more energy you need to move it…

    You say “I like to sit high” I say “get a bar stool” Unless you haul horses or livestock for a living, there is absolutely no reason to drive an SUV. And don’t bother with the EV version nonsense
  18. This of course would only be infuriating, if gas pump pricing seemed arbitrary.
  19. If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention
  20. What happens when an electorate buys into fiction based on fear...

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