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Jessica Nichols


Alexandria, Virginia

Transplant from the Rio Grande Valley living in NOVA. Recovering Twitter addict.

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  1. 😑
  2. It’s not the story, I realize. There are much bigger issues at hand. But let’s just take a second to appreciate the fucking architecture of the Alvorada Palace by Oscar Niemeyer (1957-1958), Brasilia,
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  4. Republican energy/Dem energy (Getty)
  5. Let’s support another courageous new year…
  6. Why is Elon Musk posting his location with Jared Kushner on live TV with millions throughout the world watching
  7. Musk taking in the World Cup right now with JARED KUSHNER, who parlayed his time at the White House into a multi-billion dollar payoff from the Saudis
  8. Anytime there’s a barrage of new folks, I try to give a primer to help get them started quickly. It’s easy for those of us who have been here awhile to forget that Post feels very foreign to new folks
  9. 😂😂😂😂😂
  10. White House Restarts Free Covid Testing As Cases And Deaths Rise — Here’s How To Order Free Rapid Tests
  11. Good Morning Posties❣️🎄❄️🥰
  12. @nbcnews is on Post!
  13. You read books, and don’t burn them. You embrace science. You are willing to change your mind when new information becomes available. You understand that most issues aren’t black and white. You believe
  14. There are over 450 messages with Republican members of Congress in The Meadows Texts . Now, you can read about many of them for the very first time.
  15. I’ve been here three weeks, so I feel more than qualified to provide the following extremely helpful rules and recommendations. Post is not Twitter. Post is a great. It is also a BETA SITE . That means
  16. The organization that the Trump children work for, not the Biden children, was found guilty on all counts today.
  17. As for the rest appeal’d, It issues from the rancor of a villain, A recreant and most degenerate traitor

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