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Save democracy one person at a time.


Proud liberal that promotes truth. Spiritual. Disabled with a service animal, wife and children.

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  1. Great reading
  2. Please spread this to help find her.
  3. ICYMI: Man Trump Asked to Lead Armed Mob Against the Capitol on January 6 Announces He’s a Time Traveler in Dead-Seriois Antisemitic Rant This is not an Onion story. This is 100% real . I wish it weren’
  4. Friends: We’re trying to find and reconnect with all of our democracy-loving followers and activists from Twitter other social media platforms here. Please consider re-posting and following if you’re
  5. My service animal, Blaze with his best buddy bunny named Shadow.
  6. My service animal. His name is Blaze.
  7. I am new on Post. I am a proud liberal. Elon Musk destroyed Twitter. Donald Trump should be in prison. Gym Jordan protects pedophiles. I am disabled with a service animal. I am retired as a mental hea
  8. I would like to see a button to return me to HOME on Post instead of having to scroll all the way back to the beginning
  9. Tomorrow morning, @democracydocket will continue its coverage of today's Supreme Court argument in Moore v. Harper. If you aren't paying attention to the courts, you aren't paying
  10. He knew. We knew he knew. Now this report confirms it. Trump has the deaths of hundreds of thousands on his hands. It didn’t have to be this way.
  11. Finally I am off the wait list and able to get on Post. Proud liberal doing my part to protect democracy.

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