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  1. St Leonard’s on Sea, UK

    We stayed for a weekend. The bucket and spade shops were going into hibernation for winter and we went for a walk on the seaside pier. Sculptural, muted grey timber had been recently reworked from the
  2. A fresh start

    Still deciding how I use Post… perhaps it’s a place to record my project to visit every seaside pier in the UK? If nothing else it means I can try uploading a #photo Behold Southport #Pier
  3. Kind of most days for me, but I love the idea!
  4. Welcome new Posters. As we want this to be a place for Real News, Real People and Civil Conversations - please spend some time on your profile, sharing what you are comfortable to share but also addin
  5. I love that the playbook for building this site is “make it like Twitter but also make it not suck.” #balance
  6. This looks interesting….

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