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Jeremy Bear


Director of Film | Drawer of Art | Writer of Things

Long Beach, California

[Placeholder for bio that communicates humor, sincerity, passion, love and righteous indignation, including a mention of wife and three children. Tone: cool, clever, removed. Will workshop options.]

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  1. A new year, a new profile pic. Approaching 2023 like a gentleman of civility and means.
  2. Magnolia & Willow

    We've lived a few blocks from this antique shop in Long Beach, Magnolia & Willow, for years. Finally, today, I popped in for some final Christmas shopping. CASHIER: Okay, here's your total. Is that eve
  3. I think I’d like my first-ever post to be something positive, so here’s a small sketch I did a day or two ago that was inspired by one of my daughters.

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