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Aging Goth. Devout and unapologetic pagan. Homeless. Rebuilding my IT career. Interested in history and politics.

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  1. Good morning Post pals. It's Thursday. Let's try and make it a good one, shall we?
  2. Hey fellow Posters. Hope the universe is treating you with excessive kindness today.
  3. I really wish Philadelphia weather would make up its damn mind.
  4. So I haven't been posting much here, but I'm going to try to change that. The new job is going excessively well. I'm very happy to be back in an office setting.
  5. I accepted the offer from my new job. I start on 2/20. I'm super excited....
  6. How come nobody told me how good the show Mr. Robot is? I thought we were pals. 😞
  7. American adults are, by and large, shitty news consumers. We tend to find outlets that confirm our preconceived ideas and stick with that outlet. This makes for an unbalanced viewpoint, creating an un
  8. The mounting George Santos scandals simply provide more evidence that Republicans do not care about integrity. They do not care about accountability. Republicans will lie. They will cheat and they wil
  9. I'm now getting junk email trying to sell me a home security system. While I'm... checks notes ... homeless.
  10. Got some places to send resumes to tomorrow. Yay! Trying to stay positive.
  11. Friendly Reminder: The debt ceiling is a completely artificial construct and a really bad idea.
  12. Some days simply taking a shower is almost more than I can bear. Today is one of those days. But I did it anyway. Small victories are still victories. #mentalhealth #depressed #MentalHealthAwareness
  13. So I don't really do the New Years Resolution thing. But I do have a plan for 2023. 1. Get a real job. 2. Get out of the transitional housing place. That's it. Pretty simple, really. Pretty straightforw
  14. 5 days until my real job search restarts in earnest. Waiting for the holidays to be well and truly over sucks.
  15. If you're alone on this Christmas day, you really aren't alone at all. There are many of us in the same place you are. If you know someone who may be feeling lonely today, reach out. It may mean more t
  16. There are those of us for who the holidays are not happy. Isolation and depression can bite particularly hard during this time of year. Remember to check in on those you know who may be lonely. It may
  17. Well this is exciting. A brand spanking new social media platform for me. Won't this be fun?

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