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Jenny DeMilo


Puss in Boots

Farmland Maryland

Erotic recording artist, equestrian, boss mare. Sometimes I write stuff. The secret to life is Inside leg/ outside rein.

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  1. Welcome to the bean show! (on Miss Jake) #catsofpost #caturdayeveryday #ToeBeans
  2. Hey I wrote this here 7 months ago… still applies "Sex work, stalking and real doxxing " on Post at
  3. Good morning Post friends. Happy to see y’all. Just a little aside: I live on a farm, I post a lot of animal photos and I’m a sex worker who’s pretty vocal about her ability/right to exist on regular old spaces just like your local grocer or retail manager or whatever your profes
  4. Dustin this off… where are my peeps?
  5. Hello old friends… anything wierd happen today 😂
  6. The little red assistant #dogs #dogsofpost
  7. The trees are blooming. It’s really spring. Finally! #maryland #Spring #photography
  8. Miss Jake… #cats #catsofpost
  9. Morning walks #dogs #petsofpost #maryland
  10. Montreal

    I’m going to Montreal end of the month for an impromptu vacation. I’ve never been before. What should I make a point of seeing/doing? Looking for both tried and true visitor things and things only locals know about. Of course ill be eating my weight in poutine 🙃 #montreal #vacat
  11. Hot tub delivery! Sadly not to be installed for another week, pending the leveling pad Instalation 🤷🏻‍♀️
  12. Sunrise on the farm #farmlife #maryland
  13. This is fun… 🫤 I know I have a profile… cuz I’m posting #feedback
  14. Still trying to figure out Pulitzer. Tips and tricks welcomed. Halp! Here’s my dog #postpets #dogs
  15. Meow. Sweet Miss Jake ❤️ #petsofpost #cats
  16. This is a really good breakdown of spoutible’s hostility towards certain marginalized groups and how their policies are imho designed to shut down conversations or people they don’t like. It also mirrors my experience
  17. Boosting in new time zone. I’m still pretty salty over this 😑
  18. Existing as a sex worker

    Though I havent always been 100% in agreement with Post’s policies on adult content, I can say they are thoughtful in coming to their decisions and to their credit they have allowed me, an out sex worker to exist on the platform and speak my mind (I hope there are other sex work
  19. Meow! Best part of my day. #cats #catsofpost #pets
  20. Many people in my circle had trained with Jimmy. He was a very popular clinician. See y’a on thé other side. #horses #equestrian #eventing

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