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Jennifer Miller


Democratic dog mom with law degree

Lexington, KY, United States

Dog mom, Democrat, Kentuckian, Harvard College '91, Stanford Law '97, Clinton/Gore White House 2x, Jewish, knitter, producer, activist, connector. 30+ years with multiple sclerosis.

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  1. A Jewish Christmas Lexington, KY 1899

    The following article -- torn, yellowed, matted, and framed -- has hung on my wall my whole life. The satirical piece describes the reaction of local "Christians" when my Jewish great-grandfather dare
  2. My Jewish service dog Yogi met Santa and Mrs. Claus at the supermarket yesterday. Though I bent the service dog rules by letting them love on Yogi, they're working so hard this week that I couldn't sa
  3. Harvard names Claudine Gay 30th president

    Harvard University just elected as its 30th President a scholar of and advocate for democracy and political participation. Dean/President-elect Gay would be a great voice to have on Post. #harvard #claudinegay
  4. As an ex-vangelical I have a warning for you, recently published in TIME.
  5. "I don't trust the media!" by Joel Pett, great editorial cartoonist at the Lexington Herald-Leader ( Mastodon got included, but Post isn't on his radar yet.
  6. This Thanksgiving, I am grateful for these guys: my small boss Max and my mobility service dog Yogi (from I share this photo every excuse I get.

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