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  1. There's been a flurry of filings today in the DC case against donald trump. Here's the timeline: Trump posts "IF YOU COME AFTER ME, I COME AFTER YOU" on Truth Social yesterday DoJ files a motion for a protective order over discovery in the case, citing the threatening post. DoJ wan
  2. So, in a nutshell, Trump’s lawyer filed a motion today telling Judge Chutkan that he needed more time to respond to the government’s proposed protective order—but he has time to do every single Sunday news show.
  3. Yes. This is history. Yes. This did Happen.
  4. “America's not a racist country.“ -Lindsey Graham “Hear me clearly. America is not a racist country." -Sen. Tim Scott Republicans that have said the same: Tom Cotton, Jodi Ernst, Scott Perry, etc. Tell that to Patrick Braxton, from a small town in Alabama where white people refuse
  5. They lie. PERIOD. It's Southern Politeness with a bite of arsenic. It's sweet tea laced with a laxative. You know, it's what a part of the South just IS. Hell, it's part of American History, and our present. They pretend to be offended that you think that they are racist.
  6. #Bidenomics #BidenHarris2024 #IRA #GDP #inflationrate #unemployment #manufacturing #gapol #GeorgiaRuralDemocrats RePost and share!
  7. Michigan AG Dana Nessel Charges 16 ‘False Electors’ with Election Law
  8. Ah! Good morning!
  9. We have been on the precipice of a kind of cliff for a while now. We've been edging closer and closer to despair, and what once was a slow crawl, has become a a steady slide. What we DO NOW is the most important part. Don't f*cking give up! Vote! Vote Biden! MAGA"s want us to g
  10. New York court rules that the state's Independent Redistricting Commission must reconvene and redraw the state's congressional and legislative maps. More to come.
  11. Are we on a slow crawl toward a Trump conviction? I think so. It's slower than a snail's pace, it's true. It's inching forward, though. Justice is, well and truly the turtle in the old fable: " The Tortoise and the Hare." Justice is slow, and measured, if its done well.
  12. Had Twitter 's maybe on purpose self-destruction ðisrupted your online life? It has mine. So, now I'm on Post. We can't let anyone disrupt our mission of TRUTH. Vote Blue!
  13. Is our Democracy being f*cked with? What do you think? I think so. Don't we deserve actual facts? This is our safe haven, IMHO. Let's use it to save ourselves.

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