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Jenner Bendele


Austinite | Attorney

Austin, Texas

Pandemic Newlywed. Dog Mom to Teddy the Havapoo. Esquire. 🗽 She/Her

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  1. Added a new annual subscription to keep @arupar doing good work:
  2. The link for free covid tests also allows you to check whether the expiration date on your existing tests have been extended: President Biden ( ‪@POTUS‬ ) 12/15/22, 7:00 AM COVID cases are rising across Am
  3. Watching the re-air of today’s World Cup semifinal: What a joy to get to watch Messi play.
  4. Fascinating and appalling.
  5. I’ve been active on Twitter for many, many years (jenneraustin), but I think I’m finally done. I’m happy to see so many familiar faces/handles and I hope to see more soon. Teddy the Havapoo and I are

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