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  1. “Only if I can go too!” #PetsofPost
  2. Tuesday will never think to look for me here, right? #PetsofPost
  3. I guess I’m not the only one who is having trouble with fitting into my stuff.
  4. Skipper wishes everyone the happiest of holiday seasons and that you enjoy peace and the warmth of sharing time with those you love. (She also hopes you find something as wonderful as she under your t
  5. #FollowFriday for a daily dose of Happy! @yoda4ever
  6. #PostEducation
  7. Strudel is visiting for the holidays and is also feeling satisfied with today’s events on Capitol Hill. #PetsofPost
  8. Oh deer..
  9. Am I one of the last to realize that House was essentially a Sherlock Holmes series? #NotSoQuickOnTheUptake
  10. A gentle reminder about why you are utterly exhausted… No one I know began this year on a full tank. Given the vicious onslaught of the previous two years (let’s just call it what it was) most of us
  11. Skipper is certain she is the best present ever. (Only one decimated ornament so far- so she might be right!)
  12. #FollowFriday for no holds barred takes on the chaos that surrounds us
  13. #FollowFriday for shenanigans and comradery
  14. #FollowFriday for patriotism and passion
  15. #FollowFriday for wisdom and kindness
  16. #FollowFriday for fun and inspiration
  17. What is even going on? (Plus… obligatory pet pic)

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