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  1. Quit my job! Quit my job! It's like I lost 140 lbs. of pain in my ass! Won another Oscar stifling my grin as I told my boss. No idea what I'm doing next and IDC, this is worth the mental relief.
  2. 2023 Neighbor Drama

    This morning I let my cats out. Crackhead Cat then chased my neighbors' dog. This dog barks all day. The neighbors' roosters crow all day. Neighbors are not happy I let my cats out. Oh fucking we
  3. How gross and inappropriate when the boss tells the newly married female employee that she needs to tell him "a year in advance" when she's going to have a baby. So many things wrong here: math, priv
  4. There have been only 14 days in 2022 in which cops did not kill someone.
  5. The game of chicken at work continues as my coworker "just doesn't hear" the bell that lets us know someone is up front.
  6. I just love it when Dark Brandon trolls the former guy.
  7. Lol at the memes Trump's "big announcement" will inspire
  8. The one coworker who was out sick but you don't want to check in with her because that opens the door to far too much personal detail and blabbermouthing. I hate to feel rude but I hate getting trapp
  9. The game of telephone chicken continues today. So annoying.
  10. Engaged in a long-running game of chicken with the other admins about who is going to let the phone ring longest before answering. My inner eldest child just can't win this but I'm still annoyed by i
  11. Why shouldn’t you go to Russia or other terrible places for what seems like nice money and an easy life? Because you might be the one they decide to trade for their arms dealer. The end.
  12. George knew how humans work and he said so.
  13. Really don't give a rat's ass about your elf on a shelf situations. Also really glad my kids were too old for that when it became a thing.

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