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Without facts, there is no truth


Retired CPA and Lucifan...refugee from twitter also loves critters

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  1. No one cares. So sad.
  2. Belarus is aiding #Russia in the deportation of Ukrainian children. They're not even trying to hide it. “In these camps, the national identity of children is eradicated - they are brainwashed, Russified, militarized” It's a war crime & should be prosecuted. Foreign Policy #Ukraine
  3. & Twitter...🤥...Rebel News...Fox Newd...ect ect...
  4. #dogs #feeling
  5. Morning Posties, hello 🌏 💙💙
  6. The moon was a ghostly galleon
  7. Me either
  8. There is a false narrative that the right wants more freedom of expression, and the left wants less. This opinion column from the other Post falls into this trap with the following sentence: "Conserva
  9. Good attitude 👏

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