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southpaw scribbler + dean + sometime photographer. Origin story is set in Queens

Greater Gotham

Dean of Columbia Journalism School & Staff Writer @ the New Yorker.

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  1. Congrats to my Howard classmates Kisha Holden and Malika Goode’s on the launch of their new Psychology Today column “Resilient You.”
  2. Happy Birthday to James Baldwin, whom we can still learn from if we're willing to listen:
  3. Some news: I’m joining the board of directors at the American Journalism Project. From my worlds of journalism education, reporting and nonprofit news, I look forward to joining this team and working to advance a thriving local news industry that benefits communities across the c
  4. Harry Belafonte was the standard. Quite simply that.
  5. Saw this raptor perched across from my apartment. Anyone have a sense of what it is?
  6. Hugely important work by The Trace here:
  7. “There is, in this world, an ambivalent space reserved for revolutionaries who die in their beds and rappers who die of natural causes.” I wrote about the 50th anniversary of hip hop’s existence and how many are not here to celebrate it
  8. Really proud of this collaboration with AppleTV for Black History Month. Available now!
  9. Throwing a party and inviting everyone else who was cut from the AP curriculum. Gonna be a blast.
  10. Open letter from African American Studies professors regarding Florida’s rejection of the AP AfAm Studies course.
  11. On Tyre Nichols and the dead hand of history.
  12. Your weekly Manhattan raptor shot.
  13. Cringing at the number of times I’m going to have to respond to allegations that five black cops killing a black man means this isn’t racist.
  14. Raise your hand if you do not have classified documents in your basement.
  15. DEVELOPING STORY: Classified Documents Have NOT Been Found in My Home. Despite a thorough search conducted while I also looked for the remote. More on this story as it develops…
  16. George Santos is yet another validation of my argument that actual imposters don't get imposter syndrome.
  17. Take off. The hawk that visited my ledge this morning nose-dived off of it and free-fell for a bit before opening its wings dramatically and swooping away. Clearly putting on a show.
  18. Spotted this beauty hanging out on a rail outside my window this morning. Anyone know what it is?

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