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  1. By Graig Graziosi A New York man has been convicted of second-degree murder for shooting and killing a young woman when she mistakenly drove onto his rural driveway. Kevin Monahan, 66, was found guilty of second-degree murder in the case of Kaylin Gillis , 20, according to the Assoc
  2. By Andrew Feinberg President Joe Biden on Tuesday warned that the movement led by former president Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress is seeking to criminalise basic health care for women on a national level and vowed to hold the line against GOP anti-abortion proposals as l
  3. Donald Trump has a problem no matter what happens in New Hampshire on Tuesday night: There’s a whole swath of the Republican electorate and a good chunk of independents who appear firmly committed to not voting for him in November if he becomes the nominee. Read more
  4. By Alicia Adamczyk A new tax package is winding its way through the House, with some Democrats and Republicans coming to something of a surprise agreement at the start of the election year for a legislative body that's been less than functional . And if passed, the deal could help
  5. By Fionnuala Boyle A US woman opened a food truck in Northern Ireland after her husband's ill health sparked a major lifestyle change. Emily McCorkell moved to Co Derry in 2005 to take up a year-long internship in cross community youth work and never left. The 41-year-old, from Gle
  6. It is Happening Here.

    If it salutes like a nazi. And goose steps like a nazi. And takes its orders like a nazi. Its a nazi. The People talking about freedom so much are ones who are blindly and obediently willing to give it a way to a daddy state. Christo Fascism is no different than any theocracy out
  7. By Tori Otten The Capitol Police are reportedly investigating remarks made by Roger Stone , after explosive audio revealed the longtime Trump ally tried to plot the assassinations of two Democratic congressmen. The FBI is aiding with the investigation, Mediaite reported Tuesday, cit
  8. True. I was a fan until I realized the truth.
  9. Look at him. He looks like he is ripe.
  10. By Cheri Mossburg, CNN The family of a woman who was shot and killed by a responding deputy after calling for help in a domestic violence incident is seeking $30 million in a claim filed Thursday against Los Angeles County and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Niani Finl
  11. We're at the point where the same species that launched a space-craft 15 billion MILEs into the universe (Voyager : 1) is/are losing to a minority of dumb-fucks who believe their god approved of rape and murder (Judges 21:10).
  12. Holy shit — this is fucking fire. 🔥
  13. We've all been made aware by now of a 10" binder of Crossfire Hurricane documents that's gone missing - whether from reporting this past September from Sarah Burris, or the Murray Waas reporting, or from Marcy Wheeler this past spring, or from CNN and the NYT this week. This purpo
  14. By Nathan Hodge, Victoria Butenko and Marshall Cohen, CNN A sitting Ukrainian lawmaker who helped Rudy Giuliani smear Joe Biden during the 2020 US presidential campaign has been jailed on suspicion of treason, Ukraine’s State Bureau of Investigation announced Tuesday, in a stateme
  15. CURRENT SITCH Abrasive Angst & Annoying Absurdity.

    "Every absurdity has a champion to defend it." ~ Oliver Goldsmith I don’t know about you folks, but I cannot believe all the craziness going on around the World. The invasion of Ukraine still going on. Not getting the same coverage due to the War, if that’s what you want to call th
  16. The Value is in the Appreciation

    My kid when he was little loved to read. When shopping for a title, I’d ask, "Is a used book okay if I can’t find a new one?” He would say – “Sure Dad, books don’t go bad.” What a great kid. He learned to appreciate the intrinsic value of an object and not see by date. Later as a

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