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  1. Coward
  2. Uncharacteristically nice of him to offer. I’ll pass
  3. New benchy fleet!

    New Prusa MK4 3D printer - so far, very happy. I usually print out a Benchy when I try a new filament, in this case it's a mix of filaments I've used in my Mini+ as well as my first PLA silk. From the right: ERYONE Red, Blue, and Green Tri-color silk PLA, Prusament Jet Black PLA,
  4. I think presidential candidates should get advance security briefings, starting right after they pass a life-style poly and are cleared for a clearance at the level of the briefing.
  5. Bass ackwards

    Given the Republican jurists on the Supreme Court don’t understand the concept of a well regulated militia, not surprised that SCOTUS Republicans interpret the 14th Amendment, Section 3 in the exact opposite of what the Constitution says - it’s not up to Congress to disqualify th
  6. #GetYourFeetInTheStreet
  7. It can happen here

    Witting or unwitting, the GOP is an openly active participant in Russia’s hybrid war against America, including active measures and reflexive control. Republicans are directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands Americans during the pandemic and contributing to the
  8. What would it take for a class action suit against Fox, by the people of the US? Is it possible? Who would take it? And how much would it cost to get it started?
  9. More an observation than an accusation
  10. Jon Batiste Performing Blackbird
  11. By Robert Reich Friends, At the first rally of his 2024 election campaign on March 25 in Waco, Texas — exactly 30 years after a deadly siege between law enforcement and the Branch Davidians resulted in the deaths of more than 80 members of that religious cult and four federal agent
  12. Is it too late to change my name to Jesus Saves (Spanish pronunciation) and run for POTUS as a GOP candidate? Would have do to do a reverse Sinema after being elected, of course.
  13. "Immigration is a problem more useful to the GOP than the solution." Pete Buttigieg
  14. #PostTheVote
  15. Happy to welcome a childhood friend to #TeamWoke

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