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Old / Bald / Boomer / Husband / Dad / Grandpa. Democrat “I was born in Jersey City NJ, which at the time was not a federal offense."

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  1. Wanted for crimes committed at the Capitol on Jan 6, 2021. Please share across all platforms. #DoYouKnow these individuals?? Please contact the FBI #Jan6 #CapitolAssault #Justic4J6 #Resolutions #2023
  2. The Enemies Within

    Yeah I know George Santos but let's not forget that 147 members of Congress - 8 Senators and 139 Representatives - voted to overturn the 2020 Presidential election and all were sworn in and seated wit
  3. Missing you, every breath hurts
  4. HAHA
  5. Tall In The Saddle (Live)) ~ Joan Armatrading
  6. ~ @avindman
  7. Nutcrackers lights and stuff
  8. This says it all
  9. The leader of the Republican Party and the owner of Twitter have both spent the past week or so nodding to, winking at, or outright promoting QAnon and Pizzagate. It's hard for me to describe to you h
  10. Not at all surprising.

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