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I love news, politics, law, history, and good journalism. Social liberal, open-minded, tolerant within reason, and egalitarian. I talk to myself a lot and sometimes it ends up here.

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  1. "She stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails." ~ Elizabeth Edwards
  2. Every time I see Trump give one of his scripted speeches, reading someone else's words clumsily off a teleprompter, I wonder if his animatronic figure has gone missing from a Disney Hall of Presidents.
  3. Too bad about the failed rapture prediction. I was really looking forward to getting rid of those assholes.
  4. Happy Rapture Day to all who celebrate! Don't let the Jewish space lasers hit you in the ass on the way up.
  5. I'm feeling very lucky to be in an area where I'll be able to experience tomorrow's total eclipse for almost three minutes. For several weeks, I've been as excited as a kid waiting for Christmas. Of course we all know exactly what causes eclipses and can predict their locations a
  6. Earthquakes and eclipses and hurricanes... oh my! Someone missed Ms. Frizzle's Magic School Bus.
  7. I Am Not A Lawyer, but I've read enough to know this judge could fill the pages of a John Grisham book.
  8. The Big Gamble

    DJT (Trump Media and Technology Group) went public last week, tremendously over priced according to the financial wizards. Initial valuation supposedly made Trump "billions" but, as reality sets in, the price of the stock is plunging dramatically. It doesn't really matter, becaus
  9. The most surprising thing is that Republican candidates are suddenly surprised that Trump is siphoning donations from the RNC and superPACs for his own purposes leaving nothing for them. The money is going into his reelection, his legal fees and his personal pockets leaving them
  10. Sitting here feeling very lucky to be directly in the path of the total eclipse coming on April 8th. I've experienced several partials, but never seen totality. There have only been 13 total eclipses in the U.S. in the last 100 years and will only be 11 more in the next 100 years
  11. A few years ago, I had a neighbor who was a devout Catholic. In her family room, where her family, friends, and neighbors gathered to socialize, watch TV, and generally have fun, she had family photos, her kids' artwork and sports trophies, some artsy prints and paintings, and a
  12. Ding Dong! Hello! My name is Elder Trump And I would like to share with you This most amazing book!
  13. Everything Trump touches dies.
  14. Eostre

    Easter began as a celebration of the pagan fertility goddess, Eostre . It was at this time of year, the beginning of spring, that plants began coming back to life and animals gave birth to their young. The symbols of Eostre were flowers, rabbits who had large litters, and eggs whi
  15. RIP Ronna McDaniel?

    NBC suffered sever backlash in hiring Ronna McDaniel as an on-air political analyst, including thousands of complaints from viewers, a public flogging on social media, and other journalists questioning their sanity and integrity. After protests by their anchors, MSNBC announced t
  16. Here's a link to submitting a complaint to NBC News (thanks to a commenter on my previous post) just in case you'd like to express an opinion or comment on their sanity in hiring MAGA insurrectionist Ronna McDaniel. Already sent mine in.
  17. NBC has announced that Ronna McDaniel will make her debut on Sunday's Meet the Press . Word has it Welker's most pressing question will be "What did you have for breakfast on the morning of January 6, 2021?" You know what to do.
  18. WT ever-loving F? Ronna MAGA McDaniel has been hired by MSNBC as a resident conservative political analyst? Does this mean the hosts will be forced to have her on to 'contribute' to the conversation or do they have veto power over some guests? Bets being taken on the first host t
  19. MTG challenges God. She's filed a motion for Mike Johnson to vacate the chair even though God anointed him as Speaker of the House. Gloves are off.
  20. There's a reason businesses don't hire people with lousy credit ratings, a string of bankruptcies, outstanding liabilities from civil suits, pending criminal charges, and a history of tax evasion. If they manage to show up for work at all, they'll probably rob you blind and run t

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