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  1. See how incredibly easy it is to just shut him down.
  2. No federal officeholder, other than Trump himself, bears more responsibility than Mike Johnson for the destruction and degradation of democracy we saw on Jan. 6.
  3. By Jessie Yeung, Anna Coren and Daria Tarasova-Markina, CNN Taras Ratushnyy remembers receiving a phone call from his son Roman during Ukraine’s deadly 2013 Maidan Revolution . “I’m okay, we are coming back home with my friends from (Kyiv’s Maidan Square). Don’t worry and good night
  4. George Santos is filing ethics complaints against all his fellow GOP members as he’s on his way out. Hell hath no fury as a former drag queen turned fabulist con man scorned…
  5. By Sara Smart and Raja Razek, CNN Police in Los Angeles have identified the suspect believed to be responsible for the murders of three of the city’s homeless community who were shot and killed as they slept this week, Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore announced on Saturday. Th
  6. In response to our reporting, state Delegate Delores McQuinn said a task force could shed light on the impact of college expansion in Virginia. Officials are also calling for displaced families to receive redress, from scholarships to reparations. A Virginia state representative h
  7. Brilliant!!!
  8. Donald Trump loves to call Chris Christie a “fat pig.” He calls just about everyone he doesn’t like “not smart”, “stupid” or “dumb.” He says Joe Biden “hates God.” He calls women ugly, uses physical appearance to mock and insult, calls the news “fake” and “phony”, calls our military
  9. By Josh Campbell, Cheri Mossburg and Alli Rosenbloom, CNN The cause of actor Matthew Perry’s death at his residence Saturday will require additional investigative steps by the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s Office before reaching a conclusion, according to records from the
  10. (📣) FREE REPORT at PROOF : This 75-page report on the October 17 explosion at the al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza is the most comprehensive report on this incident ever released. I hope you’ll read, subscribe, and share.
  11. Indeed, facts are picky little things. Can argue with those numbers.
  12. hey everyone, the AR in AR-15 actually stands for who gives a fuck what it stands for, no civilian needs to have one
  13. The LAST thing America needs is another snake oil salesman. Who agrees? ✋
  14. WOW!!! 5 years ago. Every fear I had about Kavanaugh and the direction of this Supreme Court has come true. Kavanaugh turning his back on me when he heard my daughter was murdered in Parkland, & then lying about it, should have told us everything we needed to know about him.
  15. Governors Katie Hobbs (AZ), Gretchen Whitmer (MI), Laura Kelly (KS), Maura Healey (MA), Michelle Lujan Grisham (NM), and Janet Mills (ME) — Democrats and strong women.
  16. hold on let me look at my watch

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