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Jim Johnston


Freelance Video Producer | Photographer

Off the Miracle Mile Stockton, Ca.

Producer, director, cameraman, editor, drone pilot, green screen guru, musician. Social Democrat and advocate for social justice. CEO of "The Fair Minded Crew"

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  1. Multi Camera shoot in 1986 at the FOX Theatre with UFO. Dubbed from a VHS work copy. My friend and local boy Tommy McClendon aka Atomic Tommy M on guitar and Phil Mogg with his shirt on! Technology has improved vastly in 37 years! lol
  2. Produced this video for Georgetowne a while back just got the edit done. Great tunes from the 60's/70's vocal groups with a few originals. Fun music!
  3. Took a little trip up to Big Trees and the Boards Crossing area. Went it to get a drink and lo and behold they had a bunch of great custom made guitars!
  4. I just read my dog #Impotus45 's last series of "Truths" this was his reaction. 😂
  5. Yep!
  6. Kate is officiating the "Twitter Refugee Reinstatement Office"
  7. Aerial shot of the Klamath Ferry at the Port of Stockton. Notice the Hawk at the top of the frame.
  8. Trippy Bird of Paradise I shot while walking in my neighborhood a while back.
  9. Christmas potato. Seems appropriate.
  10. Here Here Jeff! Good to see you Posting my man!
  11. Max giving me the side eye. 👀
  12. Buena Vista Peaks Ione Ca 1.28.2022.

    Little test of how Post handles video links. Buena Vista Peaks Ione Ca 1.28.2022. Typhoon H Plus. I inserted a couple of scenes from the ground with a Lumix G7 to give perspective of where I was flying
  13. Well lets see how this Post thing Goes! Same handle as twitter minus the 1. @jcommstudios

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