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  1. Being on Twitter right now is supporting Nazis.
  2. New direct booking (minimal fees!) for our mountain rentals, just in time for peak fall colors.
  3. Why can't conservatives just let people live their lives in love and peace?
  4. Sorry I'm late, Barbie is best movie of the century
  6. WE THE PEOPLE established a Constitution to "promote the general welfare". How the heck then can Affirmative Action, which on a macro scale does exactly that , be unconstitutional? Today's "conservatives" are truly extreme on valuing "me me me" over what's best for everyone.
  7. Adam Schiff's a fine lawyer who did a great job prosecuting the high-profile impeachment work. But Katie Porter brings the heat and light on so many issues that directly affect Americans. She understands where government can deliver benefits and how to fight for those issues.
  8. Next time anyone tells you both parties are the same, remind them that only one cares about families and is willing to use the power of government to make companies accommodate them. Thank you Sec Buttigieg for your strong work here.
  9. Should we still be using a Russian hymn on our Independence Day?
  10. Total student loan debt that would have been erased for millions of Americans: $400 billion Total cost of the Trump tax cuts that largely benefited the wealthy and corporations: $1.9 trillion This is what I mean when I say the system is rigged.
  11. Can the SSA please stop sending money to Florida while this idiot is in charge?
  12. Did Guardians of the Galaxy reveal that I'm a Radiohead fan or is it just my bad mood this week?
  13. I'm a believer in Jimmy V's advice about life: Every day you laugh, cry, and think. That's a good day. Season 2 of The Bear provides a good day in every episode. Great show.
  14. Why do comedians do the best interviews? Not just entertaining, but truly informative and even inspirational.
  15. Niiki Haley accuses Biden and Harris of supporting 39th week abortions and in the next breath bemoans the "divisiveness since 2000". Dude, look in the mirror.
  16. Appropriate for #WearOrange weekend.
  17. What happened to Musk being a free-speech absolutist? Florida Ronnie is the furthest thing from supporting free speech. Literally using government power against a company for political speech, preventing teachers from talking about real world experiences, banning books. Tax c
  18. As so much of Sorkin's writing, this just cuts to the bone. Only update for 2023 is Republicans have learned they don't win votes by calling out the "me, me, me". They (even the religious ones who, if they read the Bible would believe differently) are now promoting it.
  19. I truly don't understand how the Republican Party has gone so quickly from a "FREEDOM" brand to wanting to control people's lives so much. The bigotry against the "other" was almost more understandable when it was against skin color than when it is about how someone lives their
  20. btw, the surest way to hurt the economy is to cut government spending. If McCarthy wins, the GOP has to own the recession. Counting on you media folks to hammer this message home.

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