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Johannah Brown


Law student, mom of 4, junior varsity poster

53 year old 2L - twitter escapee - politically reasonable - basically a social media refugee looking for a sane space to read and talk about issues

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  1. When you’re a star, they give you free air time on national TV to lie and defame people. Historically, if you look at the last million years, that’s been largely true. Unfortunately or fortunately.
  2. Oopsie- #dontsettledominion
  3. Too busy trying to use the state to take over private business #chairmanron #maosantis
  4. Nice try.
  5. Lock him up
  6. my new browser homepage
  7. Snoop should run Twitter
  8. Messi is the GOAT
  9. First post fresh off the waitlist! Looking forward to a lot less Elon and a lot more interesting content. Here’s to a site that is NOT a hot mess with a side of trolls.

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