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Retired professor, writer, knitter, UU. Allergic to committees. Likes: rhubarb, sarcasm, solitude.  Memoiring on Substack, mirrored here; Gender stuff on Substack (mostly). Or here and there. What the hell. Occasional poetry.  

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  1. February 28

    By Jo Paoletti 1965 It happened again! I wrote a "love note" to V and both Mom and Dad read it. So they tease me - and I hate it! I wish that no one knew again. Tomorrow it's back to school again and I hope I don't see V. He's so awful!! I like him, but I feel it's hopeless. I like
  2. It's Gender Mystique Tuesday!
  3. February 27

    By Jo Paoletti 1965 It wasn't tonight. Dad wouldn't let me go to the dance because I didn't have anyone to go with me. Maybe next time! Instead I went to the Millbrook-Rhinebeck game. Millbrook lost, but I really wasn't interested. M came, too. I wish I had gone to the dance. I like
  4. February 26

    By Jo Paoletti 1965 Went to "The Potting Shed" tonight. It was good. Bobby, one of my counselors, was there. K, a real hood, was in it, and she was pretty good. Tomorrow afternoon I'm going after a pattern for M. And tomorrow night - PERHAPS. I did a lot today. I did 1/2 the kitchen
  5. February 25

    By Jo Paoletti 1965 I'm going to the C.Y.O. dance. Bob found out about V - he read my letter to Cousin Brucie. He told Mom. He didn't tease me. At least he "approves" of V - he didn't like R. Then again, neither did I. He was just a boy who liked me. I do like V - I don't care who
  6. February 24

    By Jo Paoletti 1965 Bob got his guitar yesterday and has been playing it all day. He's getting pretty good - so was I when he let me play it. I can do "Down in the Valley" and "Tom Dooley". A is home and I called her. We talked for about 15 minutes. She said she'd call back but she
  7. February 23

    By Jo Paoletti 1965 Marcia and T came over this afternoon for a "writing session" - Hah! We just danced, listened to the radio, and fooled around. Marcia can do the swim real neat. I just can't nod my head from side to side - or anything else. WABC Radio is giving away Beatle record
  8. February 22

    By Jo Paoletti 1965 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GEORGE WASHINGTON At Girl Scouts tonight Marcia told me she went to a C.Y.O. dance last night and guess who danced with her all night? V. I envy her, but she said she doesn't like him like I do. No one could. If only he liked me! Oh, I want to be
  9. February 21

    By Jo Paoletti 1965 Today wasn't too bad. It just got bad, though. The T.V. broke!! Baw! The Os won't be home until about eleven and it's about 9 now. Ahhh! I'm going to go crazy. Mom stopped over to talk to me this afternoon and just sent over a newspaper and some food. I'm going
  10. Bonus post! It's Gender Mystique Tuesday again!
  11. February 20

    By Jo Paoletti 1965 I'm babysitting at Os - it's a two day job - I should get about $15 - I can get my guitar, that means! It was fun but tiring today -- I'm pooped! Tomorrow - yech - another day. (Boo Hoo!) The kids are both pretty spoiled. One cries when she doesn't get her way a
  12. February 19

    By Jo Paoletti 1965 he don't I dood it - I went to a dance - and wasted a quarter! He doesn't like me! (That's V, I mean!) He teased me - silently, of course! He danced with just about every girl in the room except me and then would come over near me - and get a drink of water! I'm
  13. February 18

    By Jo Paoletti 1965 Do he or don't he? I finished my history report - Ahh! It's nice to be done. I went to a rehearsal, too. It was neat. There was no confusion - it was organized - very neat. In other words, we got somewhere! Mr. S likes the script. Hooray and Hallelujah. We had a
  14. February 17

    By Jo Paoletti 1965 I LOVE V - EVEN IF HE IS AN IDIOT! At 9:30 Dad brought a friend of his home. His name is Bob something, he's single and about 26 years old. And cute and sweet and about 5'4". Shucks! Why are all the nice guys short? Why am I so tall? I hate being tall sometimes!
  15. February 16

    By Jo Paoletti 1965 WABC #1 Come See About Me - Supremes Well! V is playing in the Senior-Undies game! He'll be at the dance for sure - how I hope he'll dance with me - over and over again! I must be careful what I say - not to be too unfeminine or too timid. I wish I knew how to ch
  16. February 15

    By Jo Paoletti 1965 Rehearsal Tonight! I hated it! C didn't get to sing, and neither did S. T kicked off her shoe and hit the ceiling. There's a big scrape in the hall acoustical tile now - about 5 feet from the dent I put in a month ago. V was absent today! Baw! I HATE THE TALENT
  17. February 14

    By Jo Paoletti 1965 Happy Valentine's Day! The Dave Clark Five were on Ed Sullivan tonight. My stars! What a bunch of dolls! I like Mike Smith and Lenny Whatsisname best. Back to shcool <-spelt wrong!->tomorrow. Joy of Joys. I want to see V tomorrow! I love him - I think! I really
  18. February 13

    By Jo Paoletti 1965 I went to the Library for stuff on Napoleon and Waterloo. I waited for 3 hours for Dad to come and pick me up. Three boys, about 9 or 10 years old, came up and shot at me with squirt guns. I finally caught one of 'em and slapped him around. Oh, how I itched to d
  19. February 12

    By Jo Paoletti 1965 Today is Lincoln's birthday and Mom's, too. Mom isn't going to California, she changed her mind. She got 3 letters today. Aunt #1 sounds like a nut and Aunt #2 is. I talked to V today at a girls' basketball game. That song "Secret Love" was written for me. I love
  20. February 11

    By Jo Paoletti 1965 Mom let me cut my hair into front bangs tonight. I've been after her to let me since 8th grade. It looks neat! I'm so glad! It turns out that Ringo Starr got married, not Paul McCartney. He's 24 and Maureen Cox, the girl he married, is 18 years old. By the way,

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