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Activist since 1970s. I've seen it all. I don't actually identify with humans as my species. I continue to hope there is intelligent life in the universe.

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  1. Fascinating!
  2. I was reminded of these Yellow-crowned Night Heron photos (2 photos) that I had not yet shared by this post from @krismgates a couple days back. This particular heron was busy building a nest and sported the wonderful breeding finery that Kris talked abo
  3. The Appeal to Heaven flag predates Independence and was flown from the top of colonial privateers as a statement of defiance against the policies that led to the Pine Tree Rebellion in New Hampshire. The pine tree depicted is an Eastern White Pine, and its first use as a politica
  4. This pic is too cute to not share. I know I said I’m stopping to post here but here’s an idea…how about we all post till the last day and let Post go out with a bang. It will be a wholesome tribute to a beloved platform. 😃 To those lovely people who haven’t stopped posting here…th
  5. CREW: We just sent a letter to Chief Justice Roberts calling on him to immediately create an enforcement mechanism for the Supreme Court Code of Conduct and to encourage Justice Alito to recuse from January 6 and election related cases.
  6. By Scott Dworkin In my new interview I’m joined by to talk about whether Republicans will be successful in keeping Joe Biden off the ballot in Ohio. David is a former Cincinnati Councilman, County Commissioner, and Ohio Democratic Party Chairman. He’s also a Yale Law School Grad, t
  7. Back during Dubya's Iraq War, CNN had some bimbo interview gosh-wowing as one of the cabinet members - Rumsfeld, maybe, I don't remember which - was bragging about how they'd cleverly "withhold food" and then give a prisoner a big high-carb meal, then keep them awake for question
  8. Is this raid legit? Or political payback? Search warrants are sealed (why?). Inquiring minds want to know wtaf is going on. This is the dem DA who filed charges over the long-running welfare scandal. Hmmmm.
  9. I think we're smart enough to come up with a court challenge to erectile dysfunction drugs handed out like candy if we want to. Who's with me?
  10. By Kateryna Hodunova, The Kyiv Independent news desk The former head of Ukraine's tax service, Roman Nasirov, was released on from custody on bail worth Hr 55 million (around $1.4 million), the High Anti-Corruption Court reported on May 24. Nasirov was accused of re
  11. Oh this should be fun. Google search engine's new compulsory ai component can't tell the difference between fact and satire... Fyi i use duck duck go for search engine on all my tech. Unfortunately i do use google for lens image lookup, but that doesn't appear to be fucked up. Ye
  12. "Marc Elias, longtime attorney for the Democratic Party and founder of the voting rights website Democracy Docket, breaks down some other big, ongoing fights over voting rights heading into the election."
  13. America’s Priest-Kings by Nina Burleigh at American Freak Show The real emergency in our legal system is the militant Catholic takeover of the federal court system, led by Leonard Leo, K Street’s Knight of Malta. Leo has been beavering away on this project for decades but is now
  14. How fitting that this 'derecho' (translation: 'right') scoured texas, home to a particularly depraved governmental policy of right-wing batshittery.
  15. By Alice Gibbs From a dog who loves to go for walks in the rain to a border collie and horse that are the best of friends, there has been lots of adorable viral pet content this week. We've also been putting together our weekly Pet of the Week with pictures and videos of our reader
  16. Hans Gude Balestrand 1843
  17. ""In a rare move by a sitting lower-court judge, Senior U.S. District Judge Michael Ponsor of Massachusetts publicly criticized the Supreme Court justice's approach to ethics in an opinion piece published in the New York Times.""
  18. I will miss him. His novels - built on excellent storytelling and adept insights into his characters' minds and motivations - are 'keepers': books that stay on my shelves to be read repeatedly. I have no higher praise.
  19. By: Inna Varenytsia NEAR VOVCHANSK, Ukraine (Reuters) - Ukrainian servicemen operating a howitzer in Kharkiv region near the Russian border work around the clock to stop an incursion by Moscow's troops, and they are finally getting the shells to do it. Ukraine's defenders were hams

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