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Type A introvert with a supreme distrust of anyone who doesn't read. Daughter of a sailor, so swearing is my first language. Grammar nerd. You've been warned.

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  1. Monday Writing Inspiration

    Today I held an #amwriting day in my apartment. Five of us gathered for coffee and a quick bite of fresh fruit for breakfast, then we all sat quietly working on our writing. A few hours later, we had
  2. Oh, I love this!! Thanks for posting, @philbildner #IReadBannedBooks #NoCensorship #YALit #Kidlit #amreading
  3. Writer Problems

    I have been revising my novel this week, and after ten years, I've come to the conclusion that, while I know my character, I don't know what she wants. There's no story problem!! Head, meet desk. #amediting
  4. Y'all. I have 19 followers. How can three of them be bots already? Or maybe they are just choosing to skulk for a while, not sharing any personal info? We shall see... I'm watching you
  5. Intro

    Finally got approved for my Post account and am excited to connect with the #kidlit #writing community. I also love animals, so expect lots of furry (or feathered) posts.

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