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VC Investor, Podcast Host, Tech Malcontent

New York

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  1. Science fiction is quickly becoming science fact!

    US Department of Energy plans to announce that scientists have achieved a 'net energy gain' from fusion for the first time ever! ⚛ It's a major milestone in the development of a clean and limitless pow
  2. Oof. Brutal… but true
  3. Enjoyed reading this coverage of Daniel Goldman and Clean Energy Ventures in TechCrunch this weekend. Key things that stood out: 📈 Climate tech has seen strong growth in recent months, +50% while the
  4. Felt good for my Giants to finally get a W and keep the playoff dream alive after a rough stretch of losses this past month. Haven’t felt this good about a season since our last SB run… 10 years ago 😝
  5. Welcome to Post fellow Twitter ex-pats! Together we are going to build this place into something even better 🤜🏾🤛
  6. What a World Cup Final! Already cannot wait for North America to host in 3.5 years 🇺🇸⚽️🇲🇽🏆🇨🇦
  7. Annual reminder that “Green Bean Casserole” was a dish invented by Campbell’s in order to sell more cans of Cream of Mushroom soup. Do with this information what you will.
  8. What’s Updog?

    Never know what kind of content will perform well on a new social platform. That said, pictures of your dog are a universal cheat code ☺️🐶
  9. Hello World!

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