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  1. I just got back from Puerto Vallarta. Best food I have ever had. What is your favorite source for authentic Mexican recipes? #mexican #cooking #spicy #seafood
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  3. #gonefishing
  4. If this does not scare you - you are not paying attention.

    I live in one of these counties in IL. This segment reinforced my growing concern over the past several years. Thank you #velshi for addressing this is a fulsome way this morning. #savedemocracy
  5. Teacher Appreciation Gifts?

    Poll of Public School Teachers/Admin - if you got these homemade chocolate bonbons for an appreciation gift - would you eat them or throw them away because you never know? #teacher #chocolate #homebaker #MomLife
  6. Learning the art of Bonbons
  7. Thank you @velshi - that was an extremely educational segment on the electoral college.
  8. Sheriff's Dept announces it will ignore IL Assault Weapons Ban

    I live in Woodford Co. IL just outside of Peoria. Our sheriff posted this letter regarding his refusal to enforce IL new assault weapons ban. Is this how rule of law works now? #politics #Illinois #gunsafety
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  10. #photography
  11. Smells good at my house. #breadday
  12. #petsofpost
  13. Post plays well in Peoria

    It’s my first post here. I hate to admit the gaping hole I’ve felt as the other place circles the drain. I am grateful to be here. I do think social media has value for connecting humans who would no

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