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Julie Stolzer


Curious, skeptical, optimistic

Community engagement evangelist for with @TIESteach. Probably drinking coffee.

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  1. Pardon my vent

    Hell hath no fury like an entitled aggrieved white guy in academia who feels an undeserving woman with less lofty credentials has slighted him (I didn’t btw). Geez. Men are so emotional. Thank you for
  2. Good morning from #LancasterPA
  3. Whoa! #Trending! Yay progress at @Post beta! Thank you!
  4. Wearing corduroy to the vet is …a very bad idea. I’m like a human swifter.
  5. #Happy Hanukkah!
  6. #postpets meet Scout #minibernadoodle
  7. Breathe…

    I’m so happy to be a participant in this Beta experiment on @Post. My reduction in time spent on Twitter has already made me calmer. Twitter feels like a failing mall; Macy’s left, Nordstrom left, Se

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