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  1. Yep...!!!
  2. Trump, to my knowledge, has never really denied that he has done any of the things he's been charged with. He instead claims that he can do whatever the thing was.
  4. Maybe I'm weird but I'm excited for the State Of the Union.
  5. I was listening to a story last night about Theodore Roosevelt dining with Booker T. Washington at the White House. This was in 1901. The backlash was immediate and severe. The Senator from South Carolina, Benjamin Tillman said: "The action of President Roosevelt in entertaining t
  6. Two things about Trump. Everything he claims someone else has done, he himself has done. Everything he is accused of doing, he himself has done.
  7. I think I'm done spending the little extra for quicker shipping. I haven't actually had anything show up in the 2-3 day window in over a year now. Case in point. A week ago I ordered a thing that came with 2 day shipping. Today it will be delivered. 9 days after I ordered it.
  8. If the Supreme Court sides with Texas and Florida and doesn't allow social media to remove content that breaks their rules we should all post the books that they banned from schools on Facebook or whatever.
  9. Maybe, just maybe, we shouldn't have not doctor's passing laws about doctor things.
  10. I just became a monthly supporter to The Intercept. I'm doing that because I support the Deconstructed podcast. I encourage anyone that listens/reads/whatever to the same service, whatever it is, regularly to contribute something every month if you can. T
  11. So Texas is planning on building a new military base, but also wants to leave the union. Do they not understand how that would go? I don't think they do.
  12. Feels like a good time to remind everyone Donald Trump, through his lawyers, argued in an American court he has the right as president to order Seal Team 6 to assassinate his political rivals and never be criminally charged for it.
  13. GOP: DA Willis used her position to go on fancy trips! That totally disqualifies her! Meanwhile Clarence Thomas...
  14. So the Hunter laptop thing was all bullshit. The Biden document thing went nowhere so they had to make something up. And now they're trying to get the DA removed. It's like they know they can't win so they're trying to steal an election.
  15. Chris Christie back on Pod Save America today. I'd never vote for him, but I'd still rather have him in office over Gaetz, Green, Bobert, etc.
  16. Right. God Damned. On.
  17. You know government is broken when these facts are presented. The amount of money that America’s richest four billionaires (Musk, Bezos, Gates, Zuckerberg) added to their money bins since 2020 is over $300 billion: the cost to entirely end child poverty in America is an estimated
  18. I can totally understand Trump believing that Presidents should have absolute immunity for the things they did while in office. Just think about all the lawsuits that Carter, Clinton, Bush, and Obama have had to deal with for all the crimes they committed while in office. Or I'm
  19. There are a lot of things I don't understand in this world. One of them is how Republicans, who do absolutely nothing about the border, have a higher approval rating about handling the border. Like I get why, but I don't understand it. Ya know what I mean?

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